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Resources for Senior Pets

Southborough Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to the health and happiness of your pet-

throughout all stages of their life.

We believe that considerate care into their senior years is vital to their best life.

We guide, provide and advocate for comprehensive care for your senior pet. 

Medications for Degenerative Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Help 'Em Up Harness


Paw Friction 

Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips

Dental Home Care for Dogs and Cats 

Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Products for Dogs

Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Products for Cats

Senior Pet Care

When Should I Switch My Pet to a Senior Diet?


Senior Cats' Health Issues


Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs 

Cognitive Dysfunction in Cats

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs


Lap of Love Senior Questionnaire

How Do I Know When It's Time?

Pet Loss - Parmenter Foundation

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