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Cat Boarding in Southborough

Southborough Veterinary Hospital offers cat boarding services to meet your feline friend's individual needs while you are away.

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Condo Boarding For Cats in Southborough

Cats are always welcome at the Southborough Veterinary Hospital Pet Ranch. We have brand new, specially designed boarding condos just for cats.

Our feline guests enjoy a fantastic view of the outdoors. Our kitty condos boast a window view and expansion capabilities: these condos open both up and down and side to side.

Our technicians are skilled at giving medications and will keep a close eye on the health of your beloved feline friend.

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Medical Boarding for Cats & Dogs, Southborough Vet

Important Notice

We're experiencing a high volume of boarding requests, especially during holidays and school vacations. A kennel attendant will review and reach out to you asap to approve or deny the request.

We kindly request that all pet owners review our guidelines before bringing their animals to our facility. 

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Daycare Services 

Days Offered: Monday-Friday.

Drop-off times: You can drop off your pet between 8:30 am - 10 am and pick-up times are any time before 5 pm.

Day Care Price: $22.00/day

Note: There is no overnight staff. However, kennel staff makes sure to check all animals before leaving at night, and check them all first thing in the morning.

Accommodation for Cats

Boarding locations include a large suite, a small suite, an XL cage, and a medical cage.

  • Single Cat Condo: $34.50 (per day)
  • Double Cat Condo: $61.25 (per day)
  • Feline playroom: $49.00 (per day)
  • Additional cat: $22.50 (per day)

Services Offered

  • Regular Bath: $46.75
  • Nail Trim: $19.75
  • Furminator Bath: $45 (under 25lbs), $65 (26-50lbs), $86.25 (51-85lbs), $99.50 (over 85lbs)
  • Daily Kong Time: $5.25
  • Brushing Session: $12.50
  • Medication/Treatment Administration Fee: $6.50 (per day)   
  • Biohazard disposable fee insulin syringes: $5(per day)
  • Special Diet Preparation: $12.50 (per day)
  • Holiday surcharge: $6.50

Boarding Day Routine 

Cats are typically fed at 8 am and 4 pm. We can honor additional feeding times if required for your feline friend. You may provide your food or use our high-quality AAFCO food for no additional cost 

FAQs About Pet Boarding

Your feline pet will love the experience and our whole team enjoys giving our boarders all the attention and care they deserve while they're staying with us.

Read our FAQs for answers to our most frequently asked questions about pet boarding at Southborough Veterinary Hospital.

If you have further questions about boarding, please feel free to contact us!

  • What accommodations and amenities do you have for cats?

    We've got everything your pet needs for a fun, recuperative, and safe stay, including the following accommodations and amenities:

    • You may provide your food or use our high-quality AAFCO food for no additional cost (Hills: I/D Digestive Care dry food, Fancy Feast wet food, or I/D Digestive Care chicken stew or pate)--- please include this specific info.
    • Water is freshened twice daily. 
    • Litter boxes are changed twice a day to monitor bathroom outputs. 
    • Litter boxes and litter are provided for no additional cost)
    • feline condo with windows, a feline condo without windows (when space fills up), and a feline playroom
    • Feline condo with windows: (W) 2ft 1 in. x (L) 2ft 4in x (H) 2ft 4 in 
    • Feline condo without windows:  (W) 2ft 1 in. x (L) 2ft 4in x (H) 2ft 4 in 
    • Feline playroom: (W) 4 ft 8 in x (L) 11ft 2 in
  • Is there a limit to the number of pets I can board at a time?

    We have a large facility and can accommodate several animals at once, provided you give us sufficient notice.

  • How much does pet boarding cost?

    Boarding fees vary based on the duration of the stay, the size of the pet, and special medical requirements. That said, our pricing is affordable and competitive, and we welcome you to contact us for a quote.

    Talk To Us To Learn More

  • What time should I drop off and pick up my pet?
    • Monday-Friday: 8:30-5:00
    • Saturday: 8:30-12:00
    • Sunday (pick up only): 8:30-9:30 AM or 4:30-5:30 PM
  • What should I pack for my pet?

    Food: We provide food for pets staying with us. However, please feel free to bring enough of your pet's regular food to last the duration of the stay.

    Medication: If your pet takes any medication, bring it along for our staff to administer.

    Note: Sometimes bringing a piece of clothing that the owner wore recently can help some boarders feel a little more at home

  • What if my pet needs to take medication?

    We will be glad to administer your pet's medications while they are with us.

    Please note a $5/day biohazard disposable fee applies for animals receiving injections.

    Talk To Us To Learn More

  • Can I get updates about my pet during their stay?

    Yes, feel free to call us during your pet's stay for updates. If there is a problem, we will contact you via the emergency contact information you provide.

    Talk To Us To Learn More

  • How should I prepare for my pet's stay?

    Each animal is different. To prepare for your pet's stay with us, we'll take the following steps to ensure that we can meet their unique needs.

    Step 1: Contact us to get started

    Call us to book, and to discuss details about your pet and your boarding needs. A member of our team will be happy to coordinate your booking.

    Please note that pets must be up to date with all vaccinations and free of fleas and ticks to stay at our facility.

    Step 2: Book a trial stay

    We want to be sure that we are a good fit for your pet before an extended stay. The trial stay consists of a full day of daycare where we can take the time to assess your pet's temperament and make sure they fit in with the pack.

    Step 3: Set your pet up for success

    On the day you drop your pet off with us, there are a few steps you can take to help reduce any stress your pet may feel.

    Spend some extra time with your pet beforehand, and make sure they get some vigorous exercise so that they are feeling calm. When you arrive at our facility, stay calm, cheerful, and confident during the separation.

    Talk To Us To Learn More

  • What do you feed animals that don't have their own food?
    • For Dogs: We feed AAFCO food for no additional cost. (Royal Canin: Gastrointestinal Low-Fat dry food, I/D: Digestive Care pate or chicken stew, or W/D: Multi-benefit pate or chicken stew)
    • For Cats: We feed our high-quality AAFCO food for no additional cost. (Hills: I/D Digestive Care dry food, Fancy Feast wet food, or I/D Digestive Care chicken stew or pate)

    Talk To Us To Learn More

Vaccination Requirement

We cannot accept pets that are not vaccinated. If there has been an overlap in vaccinations due, we recommend making a vaccination appointment with one of our doctors at least two weeks before your visit.

This will minimize stress on your pet during check-in day. If this is not possible, we can vaccinate upon your arrival.

Cat Vaccination Requirements: FVRCP, Rabies & up-to-date fecal (not older than 1 Year)

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