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The Southborough Veterinary Hospital Kennel

We offer boarding exclusively for our own patients at the Southborough Veterinary Hospital.


Whether you are planning a vacation, or find yourself handling an unexpected emergency, you can consider our beautiful new facility a comfortable and safe haven for your pet.

We encourage you to visit our boarding facilities, so please stop in during regular business hours and ask one of our kennel attendants for a tour. 



We strive to care for your dog the way you do at home.  

Our canine guests are exercised in our outdoor play yard 4 times per day.  

We provide plenty of outdoor time so your pet can romp and enjoy the fresh air.  

Dogs are fed once or twice daily (per owner instructions).  

We provide a high quality diet and tasty treats at no extra charge.  

We are happy to feed your dog's regular food if you provide that for us.

We offer additional services at a discounted rate for our boarders such as bathing, nail trimming and ear cleaning. 

Boarders are monitored by technicians and doctors throughout their stay.

The boarding charges start the day that you drop off.  

We charge by the day and there is no charge for the day that you pick up if it is prior to 11:00am. 


Our Accommodations for Dogs:

  • Single Dog Suite - Large run with glass front and comfortable bed

  • Double Dog Suite - 2 Suites connected by a passageway      


Additional services are provided at a discount rate for boarders:  


  • Nail trim  

  • Kong time                                                             

  • Basic boarding bath                    

  • Daily medication 

Please contact us for our current prices. Prices subject to change during seasonal/holiday periods.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


We invite your exotic pets to stay with us while you are away.

We have a quiet, sunlight room for them to enjoy.

Please contact one of our staff members to discuss details, including diet, of caring for your exotic pet in our facility.

Our Accommodations for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs:

  • Condo or Exercise Pen                                                      


Additional services are provided at a discount rate for boarders:  

  • Nail trim                                                      

  • Brushing session                                        

  • Daily medication  



Our feline guests enjoy a fantastic view of the outdoors, and playtime in our kitty playroom.

Our kitty condos boast a window view and expansion capabilities: these condos open both up and down and side to side.

You can request that your kitty have brushing sessions and nail trims.

Our technicians are skilled at giving medications and will keep a close eye on the health of your beloved feline friend.

Our Accommodations for Cats:

  • Cat Condos - Large interconnecting condos with access to kitty playroom  

Additional services are provided at a discount rate for boarders:


  • Nail trim                                               

  • Brushing session                                

  • Daily medication                                

  • Basic Boarding Bath      

Southborough Veterinary Hospital

78 Deerfoot Road Southborough, MA 01772

Phone: 508-485-4259 | Fax: 508-485-5246 | Email: info@southboroughvet.com


78 Deerfoot Road

Southborough, MA 01772


Email: info@southboroughvet.com

Phone: 508-485-4259

Text: 508-281-2910

Fax: 508-485-5246


Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM



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